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Switching to Kiwi Energy is fast and easy. We'll take care of notifying your LDC and make all the arrangements to transfer your service.


Our support team is standing by to help you with all your account needs during regular business hours.

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How can I save money on my energy bill? We've created a complete resource center to provide you with helpful insight regarding your New York electricity and gas service.

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Choose a reward that suits your lifestyle. Earn up to $500 in value back on your energy bill each year!  You will receive either 7% Ecogold Rewards issued once you accumulate $25 and $50 thereafter or 5% Cash Back after 12 billing cycles.  Read More

Clean and Green

We will supply you with Kiwi Clean Energy for the same price as our standard energy product. Or you can choose Kiwi Green if you would prefer to have Green Energy produced right here in New York, both sourced with renewable energy such as hydro and wind. Read More

Environmental Fund

Every time a customer joins Kiwi Energy, we contribute $1 to the Ecogold Environmental Fund. With these contributions, we support individuals, organizations and groups running environmentally friendly projects within the local community. Read More